Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Samarco’s corporate governance is the system according to which the company is managed, monitored and driven. It involves relationships among shareholders, the board of directors, executive board, supervisory and control bodies and other stakeholders, based on the principles of equity, transparency and responsibility with information.

This structure allows shareholders to effectively monitor business results, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and align the company’s values, goals and strategies.

Executive Board

It is made up of the presidency and four executive boards, who closely monitor the day-to-day business and the enforcement of its strategic plan. Get to know Samarco’s leadership below:

Rodrigo Vilela


Gustavo Selayzim

Strategy, Finance and Procurement Director

Najla Lamounier

Chief Legal, Risks and Compliance Officer

Reuber Koury

Projects and Sustainability Officer

Sergio Mileipe

Director of Planning and Operations

Board of Directors

The company has a Board of Directors, which strategically manages the business and has a decision-making function. It consists of eight members appointed by the shareholders, four of whom are permanent and four alternate, with a three-year term of office and the possibility of being reelected. Its main responsibilities are set out in Samarco’s Bylaws.


With the lessons learned, we make the necessary changes to write a new history and rebuild trust based relationships with society. We resumed our operations in a different way, with new technologies and more safety, seeking to always generate lasting value for the territories where we operate.

Since the approval of the Corrective Operation License (LOC), in October 2019, we have had all the environmental licenses required to resume our activities. However, we chose to wait until the implementation of the filtration system, completed in December 2020, which allows the dry stacking of 80% of the tailings generated. The remainder will be disposed of in a confined pit, which allows for natural and safer containment.

Our operational resumption is being gradual, initially at 26% of production capacity, with the reactivation of one of the three concentrators in the Germano Complex, in Mariana (MG), of one of the four pellet plants at the Ubu unit, in Anchieta ( ES), and operation of one of the pipelines.We remain committed to seeking solutions that introduce innovations and improvements in our projects and operations, that strengthen the industry and contribute to a different and more sustainable mining.